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Gemini Handbook

2021 handbook 1

Welcome to Gemini Gymnastic Club. We are very excited to have you and your child join us.

Gemini coaching staff would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your son (s) / daughter(s) to our TEAM. We trust that you will find it as exciting and rewarding as we do. All of the staff share a passion for gymnastics and we hope you will too.

Our club is Gym Mark accredited which means that it is recognised by British Gymnastics and their partners as a safe, effective and child friendly club.

Mission statement

A high performing club providing opportunities for all to achieve through a culture of excellencee.

Core Values

Our CORE values stand for: Commitment, Ownership, Responsibility and Excellence. These are a set of principles that help to guide the actions and behaviours of all our members and staff on a day-to-day basis. When followed, these principles increase the likelihood of fulfilment and success not only in gymnastics but also in general life. As such, the values are applicable at all levels of our club from Directors to Coaches to Gymnasts and Parents.


The club expects every Director, Coach, Gymnast and Parent/Guardian to be committed in each and every task they undertake. To be committed is to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve and have a personal investment in reaching that goal. A part of being committed is to know and accept what the situation is, our own personal starting point and what the development steps might be.

Through giving 100% commitment to each task, each of us can achieve our personal goals and work towards being the best we can be. In this way we can promote a ‘can do’ culture.

Ownership & Responsibility

100% commitment is more likely to be achieved when each of us takes ownership of what we are trying to do and only by taking ownership can individuals truly take responsibility for their actions. Ownership and responsibility for our actions is based on developing honest, open and trusting relationships.

The Directors will take ownership, and the responsibility for, the strategic development and governance of Gemini Gymnastics Club in their areas of expertise. In doing so, they will act in an honest, professional and transparent manner, always putting the needs of the club first.

The Coach’s responsibility is to provide a challenging gymnastics environment, through setting appropriate targets for gymnasts and by providing the best technical advice. In order to do this the coach must take ownership of their coaching, continually working on developing their professional coaching skills.

Gymnasts need to trust their coach to provide the most appropriate gymnastics program, to give honest advice in order to help them, the gymnasts, have the opportunity to be able to be the best they can be. The gymnasts need to take ownership for their behaviour both in the way they train and the way they perform. This requires gymnasts to take responsibility for the way they live their lives in order to give 100% commitment in their gymnastics classes. For example, gymnasts demonstrate their commitment by arriving on time and not missing sessions. Gymnasts are responsible for the physical condition in which they arrive at the gym so that they can get the best possible improvements from the session. This would include eating a healthy diet and having sufficient sleep in order to recover fully for the next training session.

When gymnasts and coaches understand and undertake the values of ownership and responsibility, then a friendly, safe environment is created in which all our members can achieve personal success through higher levels of organisation and discipline..

Our Staff

Gemini Gymnastics Club has a team of full-time coaches supported by a pool of part-time coaches. A senior management team comprising of the Directors of Gymnastics provides the day to day management for the club.

Pictures and contact email addresses of all our full-time and part-time staff are displayed on the wall in the viewing area.
All our coaches are DBS checked and trained in the Welfare and safeguarding of children.

Class information

Do parents have to stay on site?

Parents of gymnasts do not have to stay onsite unless they need help with the toilet as this is not the responsibility of the coach.

Due to health and safety, we need to restrict any disruption to classes as much as possible. As such, parents are not allowed to stand in the gym but the viewing/cafe area is available to parents who wish to watch the classs.


Parents of gymnasts under 8s are reminded to check their child has been to the toilet before the class. No participant is allowed to leave the gym without coach permission. Parents of the pre-school children are asked to stay on site in case their child needs the toilet during the session.

Medical conditions / Disabilities

Some medical conditions require a parent / carer to stay at the session in case administration of medication is required e.g. Epipen. Any medical condition, learning disability or attention disorder must be disclosed on the registration form and parents should speak to the lead coach to ensure that all of the coaches are aware of any adaptations / risks which need to be considered. Participants with a disability who require one to one support will need to provide a carer, who will be led by the coaches within the class. Gymnasts with Downs Syndrome will require an atlanto-atlas screening prior to starting the classs.


All gymnasts work in bare feet and wear a leotard or shorts/leggings and t-shirt. Other items such as jeans, skirts, school wear or combat trousers are not suitable for any part of the session.

Verruca’s should be covered by a waterproof coating and secure plaster, swim sock, or suitable non-slip gym / dance shoes or swim socks. Socks are not suitable, as likely to slip on the apparatus. All piercings, jewellery and watches need to be removed before the start of the class, or if piercings cannot be removed they need to be covered. It is not the coach’s responsibility to look after any valuables. If gymnasts repeatedly have to be told to remove piercings at the start of a session, then we may need to contact the parent/guardian about this. Coaches cannot physically remove jewellery from a gymnast, and we cannot always provide plasters and tape to cover these.


Any items of value brought into any area of the gym are done so at the users’ own risk as we cannot accept liability for any personal belongings left or damaged on sitee.

Mobile Phones

Neither coaches or gymnasts are permitted to have mobile phones in the gym, these must be stored in the gymnasts or coaches bag or box in the gym. Gemini cannot accept any liability for personal belongings brought into the gym. Any coach or gymnast found to be on their phone during gym time will face disciplinary action. Gymnasts and coaches are allowed to be on their phones during break times. Coaches are able to take urgent personal calls during work time as long as provision has been made to cover their gymnasts whilst they are away. There is a Gemini phone in the gym for use in emergenciesn.

Lost property

While we cannot take responsibility for any property which is lost in the gym, any lost property we do find we will keep for you in Reception or the box in the changing rooms. At the end of the term, any unclaimed lost property will be donated to a charity shop. Please note that if property is lost just prior to the end of the term, that property will still be donated to charityy.

Dropping off & Collecting your child

Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child until handed over to the coach at the start of the class. Children must not be left alone before the start of the class.

Gymnasts finishing their session at either 5.00 or 6.00 (1hour elemental or development classes) must be collected from the waiting area.

Parents/Guardians are expected to collect their children on time. If you know that you are going to be late collecting your child for any reason you must contact the club ASAP.

Parents who are more than 15 minutes late in collecting their child will be charged £10 unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents that are regularly late in collecting their child will be asked to attend a meeting with the coaches and can result in your child being asked to leave the club.

Speaking to your coach

You must not try and speak to a coach who is actively coaching, if you need to speak to a specific coach then please email to book in a time that is convenient or at the very end of the session once all the Gymnasts have left the gym. If it is a minor issue and you are not able to speak to the coach leave a message. If you need to have a longer discussion with the coach, please email the club to arrange a meeting with the coach. Coaches are not permitted to give out personal mobile numbers.

Car parking

Cars must be parked in the main car park to the rear of the building, the side or the front and cars are left at owners’ own risk. No parking is allowed in the centre of the estate. We take this very seriously, as failure to follow this rule will have a negative impact upon our relations with the other companies in the business park. Any parents found to be parking within the business park will face the consequences’ of the other companies.

Supervision of children

Please note that the supervision of children not participating in any gymnastics sessions is the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians. Children within the facility must be supervised at all times. The club will not accept any liability for injury caused to children in the public areas.

Transferring classes

We understand that situation and schedules change from time to time so you may need to change the class that your child attends. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your child in another class so you may have to be placed on a waiting list for your preferred class.

Discipline in classes

The gymnastic club is used by a large number of gymnasts and in order to maintain a safe environment it is important that gymnasts listen and follow the instructions of the coach.

Gymnasts who do not listen to coaches, are constantly disruptive or attempt to perform moves that they have been asked not to and/or are not prepared for (for example performing a somersault in an Elementals class) present a very real danger both to themselves and to others. Gemini Gymnastics Club works a three strikes policy. If there are repeated instances of misbehaviour or a serious incident of misconduct then the gymnast will receive a first warning and sit out of the class.

Continued misconduct will result in a verbal warning about the gymnast’s behaviour with the parent/guardian. If behaviour still continues to be poor after the second warning, gymnasts will be asked to leave the club.

FreeG Rules

  • No Jewellery
  • No socks, shoes, jeans, Belts or Buckles
  • Respect the equipment, the coaches and each other
  • No swearing / No chewing gum / food

    2 red cards for bad behaviour and you will miss 1 session and parents will be notified. I understand that whatever activities I partake in the gym, I am not to attempt outside. Gemini Gymnastic Club are not responsible for injuries sustained outside of these premises.

Opportunities to Compete Pathway

We offer a number of squad classes for gymnasts who are wanting to take their gymnastics further and test their skills in competition. There are selection events throughout the year and gymnasts have to be invited to attend these squads. Accordingly, there is an increased expectation level in terms of commitment to attending sessions and gymnasts taking ownership of their gymnastics development. Each gymnast in these squads should want to actively take part in competitions. The difference between these squad sessions and the high performance squads is the level of targets and goals set by coaches.

Payment method

We currently us a Paysubs online system. An email will be sent to you, please check your spam / junk email box
Payments are monthly and will be collected on the 1st of each month.
Fees are payable regardless of attendance and Gemini regrets that is cannot make a refund for any coaching hours not taken.

Our shutdown periods are:

  • February, May and October half terms
  • 2 weeks Easter
  • 2 weeks summer (usually August)
  • 2 weeks Christmas

If Gemini has to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances then no refund is due, however, we will endeavour to replace the cancelled session.

Anyone not wishing to return must give a minimum of 4 weeks paid notice.

Non payment

Any missed payments could result in your child losing their place in their class. Our system will flag non-payment of fees.

British Gymnastics annual Membership Fees are due in October and these are your responsibility to renew.

Annual Gemini membership of £22 is due in September – reminders will be sent.


Refunds can be applied for at the end of the financial year (March 31st) should you have evidence of cancelled sessions. Applications must be made in writing to the Director of Gymnastics, providing details of the dates and circumstances of cancellations. Applications throughout the year for refunds to gymnasts where they were absent due to illness or injury must be accompanied by medical documentation.

Major Injuries

For non-squad classes: If your child has a significant injury, such as a broken bone, then a reduction of fees will be offered and the place will be held for your child.

For squad classes (Opportunity to Compete & High Performance pathways): Gymnasts with injuries should discuss the implications for the training program with the personal coach in the first instance. In the majority of cases the expectation will be that the gymnast will continue to attend sessions in order to maintain physical condition and to perform any prescribed physiotherapy rehabilitation work.

How will the club communicate with me?

There are a range of ways in which we will communicate with you.

Firstly there is the member’s handbook, which provides all the key information for parents/ guardians. Parents/guardians can expect to have regular meetings with their child’s coach in order to discuss the training program and planned events.

Depending on the size and performance expectations of the group these meetings will either be individual meetings or group meetings. If there are specific issues that we need to communicate with you then we will either email, phone or distribute a letter to the gymnasts.

We will keep you updated with news and information using regular updates on the club website, and via the club Facebook page. We will also put posters upon the noticeboards in the viewing area and around the club.

Social Network guidelines - Coaches & Staff Members

Social networking sites should never be used as a medium by which to abuse or criticise Gemini Gymnastics Club, Gemini Gymnastics Club members or Gemini Gymnastics Club staff and to do so would be in breach of Gemini Gymnastics Club Standards of Conduct.

Gemini Gymnastics Club recognises that many staff enjoy networking with friends and family via social media. However, we have to balance this against our duty to maintain the confidentiality of children and parents attending our Club, as well as ensuring that our good reputation is upheld. Staff must remember that they are ambassadors for our Club both within and outside of working hours and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly when using social media sites. This policy covers (but is not limited to) social media platforms such as:

• Tiktok
• Twitter
• Facebook
• YouTube
• Tumblr
• Instagram
• Personal blogs and websites
• Comments posted on third party blogs or websites
• Online forums

Social media rules

Should a parent of a gymnast in the club request to become a named friend on a coach’s Social Networking Page then the coach should decline this request. Failure to do so would be in breach of Gemini Gymnastics Club Standards of Conduct. This is in order to safeguard our coaches and members from inappropriate communication that could result in disciplinary concerns for both coach and gymnast/parent/guardian

When using social media sites, staff must not:

  • Post anything that could damage our Club’s reputation.
  • Post anything that could offend other members of staff, parents or children using our Club.
  • Publish any photographs or materials that could identify the children or our Club.
  • Accept invitations from parents to connect via social media (eg friend requests on Facebook) unless they already know the parent in a private capacity.
  • Discuss with parents any issues relating to their child or our Club. Instead invite the parent to raise the issue when they are next at the Club, or to contact the Manager if the matter is more urgent.

Any member of staff who posts content or comments that breach confidentiality or which could harm the reputation of our Club or other staff members, or who publishes photographs of the setting or children will be INSTANTLY DISMISSED as this behaviour will not be tolerated.

General cautions for using social media:

When using social media in any context it is wise to bear in mind the following points:

  • No information published via the internet is ever totally secure; if you don’t want information to become public, do not post it online.
  • Once an image or information is in the public domain, it is potentially there forever.

Social Network guidelines - Gymnasts & Parents

Whilst we appreciate that gymnasts and parents/guardians may wish to showcase achievements on social media, we ask that you are aware of the implications of doing so. Sadly, we live in a world where there are many positives of social media but there are also very real downsides – which I’m sure everyone is aware of.

Whilst we are aware, we cannot stop you posting on your personal social media accounts, we at Gemini reserve the right to contact you should we feel the content is not suitable and/or dangerous. For example, if a skill is being performed that the gymnast is not ready for, move preparations or flexibility stretches are dangerous or not being performed correctly, or any other instance that we feel is inappropriate or unsafe. We operate a 3-strike policy when it comes to social media. The first strike is a verbal discussion, second strike is a written warning and on the third strike you may be asked to leave the club. We also reserve the right to immediately report any content we are particularly concerned about to the relevant services without any discussion with the parent/guardian if we feel there is an immediate risk. Safeguarding our gymnasts is our absolute main concern at Gemini.

Within the gym, any recording for social media will generally not be allowed but will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the coach in charge of the session. For example, filming of a new skill achievement may be done by the coach for our Gemini Social Media (with the consent of the Parent/Guardian) or on the gymnasts own personal phone may be allowed. However, filming of TikTok dances, videos that include other gymnasts, or anything we see as unsafe or inappropriate will not be allowed..

Any persistent breach of the above guidelines will result in you being asked to leave the club.

Squad Membership and Performance Standards

For gymnasts in squads on the Opportunity to Compete and High Performance Pathways, there are standards that would normally be expected to be maintained for squad membership. These standards are a part of our CORE values and all squad gymnasts should work towards using these values on a daily basis.

Commitment & Attendance

Gemini Gymnastics Club Squads are a performance and results driven programme. One way in which gymnasts need to demonstrate that they are living our Commitment value is through consistent and regular attendance at training. This is fundamental to being a member of any squad and is probably the single most important variable in the progress of gymnasts at every level.

The position of the scheme in respect of attendance is that all squad members must be aspiring to achieve 100% attendance. There is however, a minimum standard of attendance required to maintain membership of all squads, set at what is considered to be an acceptable level. Please be advised that should the attendance fall below the threshold for what is considered acceptable, the gymnasts will find themselves both challenged and encouraged to improve in order to retain their place in their squad group. If gymnasts then continue to be absent from training they will find their place forfeit. Those gymnasts who are consistently and regularly absent from training over a period of time who quote sickness as the reason for their absence, will be required to produce a doctor’s note if they are challenged with respect to their attendance and wish to use illness as a mitigation


As a part of being committed to the training program, gymnasts need to take responsibility for the time at which they arrive for training. Gymnasts should plan to arrive in the gym early for their training sessions. Arriving late means that gymnasts miss a key aspect of the training session, directly impacting upon the quality of training that can be achieved in that session. It is also disruptive for other squad members and the coaching staff when gymnasts arrive late. The expectation is that gymnasts adopt our CORE values and as such persistent late comers will be challenged to improve their timekeeping in line with the expectations of the club.

Sickness & Injury

It is the responsibility of gymnasts to arrive in a fit state to meet the demands of the training session. Should a gymnast fall ill or become injured to such a degree that their performance or the performance of the other gymnasts in the squad may be compromised; the requirement of the club is that they remain away from training until they are fit and well.

Training while ill can have a negative impact on the well-being of the gymnast and can spread illness throughout the gym.

Absence from Training

In line with living our CORE values, gymnasts / parents have the responsibility to inform their squad coach as early as possible if they are going to be absent from training.

Training Conduct

Gymnasts are expected to conduct themselves in line with our CORE values. The best way to achieve the most from your training sessions is to arrive early, have your equipment ready, look and listen at all times, work hard and apply yourselves well to the task in hand.

Remember that everyone is there to enjoy the challenge and to achieve personal excellence, and that a poor attitude or bad behaviour during training sessions will compromise both your performance and that of your team mates. Gymnasts should respect the facilities, equipment and other participants when attending training sessions. It should be stressed that the highest standards of conduct and behaviour are expected from gymnasts who are members of the club.

Lifestyle outside of the Gym

Performance gymnasts are expected to adopt the CORE values and live them on a daily basis. Commitment is not just about attending all the sessions and working hard in them.

Being committed is understanding that the actions and decisions taken in your life outside the gym will impact upon the way you train and the achievement of your gymnastics goals.
Our bodies require fuel and sleep in order to be able to function at our best. To have ownership of their gymnastics performances, gymnasts need to understand that they are responsible for what they eat and drink, the quality of sleep they get and managing the demands of school work, family and training.

If you have a poor diet your muscles will not have the energy to work to the maximum in training and the training will not be as effective as it could be. If you go to sleep late at night then your body will not get the rest it needs to recover fully from the training. This means that you will not be able to work as hard in the next training session and so will not get maximum benefit.

For senior gymnasts, taking responsibility for their lifestyle means being careful about alcohol intake and socialising activities.
By taking ownership and responsibility for how you live your life outside of the gym, you can be committed to being the best that you can be inside the gym and achieve high levels of personal excellence in your gymnastics.

Child Welfare, Safeguarding & Health and Safety

The safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults in the club is a primary concern for Gemini Gymnastics Club. If any of our members or parents/guardians have any welfare concerns, they should contact one of our Club Welfare Officers. In order to effectively investigate and resolve welfare issues, parents/ guardians are expected to maintain confidentiality around any welfare investigations.

The contact details of the Welfare Officers can be found on the noticeboard in the viewing area and on the club website.

Child Safeguarding

We are committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of its members, coaches, volunteers and parents. We will do this by:

  • Abiding by British Gymnastics Health, Safety and Welfare guidelines
  • Abiding by British Gymnastics guidelines for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable adults
  • Appointing a Welfare Officer to whom grievances and complaints can be made confidentially.
  • Ensuring the staff are suitably trained in Child Protection and Health, Safety and Welfare issues and go through a Criminal Record Bureau check
  • Ensuring that grievances or complaints are dealt with promptly and in accordance with the grievance procedure
  • Ensuring that a minimum of two responsible adults are available at all training sessions and events
  • Ensuring that participants and/or parents are aware of the purpose of videoing, filming or photography during training or events
  • Having zero tolerance level for poor practice, bullying or any form of abuse

  • Duty of care
    A coach takes on certain responsibilities while your child is in our care. This may include:
  • Holding a responsibility for care and well-being during training
  • Safe dispersal after training
  • Providing first aid
  • Providing/consenting to emergency medical treatment
  • Chaperoning

    Our Duty of Care starts from the time your child is delivered to the coach and lasts until your child is returned to a parent or other responsible adult appointed by yourself. Under no circumstances should children be dropped off/picked up for sessions in the car park. Please note that parents are responsible for the safety of any children not taking part in gymnastics.


We do not publish any images or videos without written consent from the gymnast concerned (or in the case of a child from their parent or guardian). This is gained as part of our registration process. Personal information of the individual, other than their name and their club/class will not accompany the image.


We have 24-hour, 7 day a week CCTV cover in the gym and this covers all areas in the gym. This is partly there for building security; however, this is also in place to protect both coaches and gymnasts. We can pull up video of any area of the gym within a given timeframe if required.


In case of a fire or other emergency gymnasts participating in a session will be evacuated by their coach (under no circumstance must a parent evacuate their child under the responsibility of a coach). Parents and children under their supervision must evacuate the building and assemble in the car park.

Summer Training

Gemini Gymnastic Club has a 2 week summer shutdown which is incorporated into the fees whether monthly or termly. However, normal evening and weekend sessions do not run through the summer holidays. All training is pulled into day camps for 4 weeks of the holidays, therefore your child will have the opportunity to train over the summer. Details of these camps and booking forms are advertised before the holidays in order to give people time to book their camp. This information will be on the notice board in reception and also on our social media sites and website.

Codes of Conduct

Gemini Gymnastics Club Standards of Conduct for Club Coaches, Official and Volunteers. The essence of good ethical conduct and practice is summarised below. All Club Coaches,
Officials and Volunteers must:-

  • Adopt our CORE values as guiding principles for their daily activities
  • Consider the well-being and safety of participants before the development of performance
  • Develop an appropriate working relationship with performers based on mutual trust and respect
  • Hold the appropriate, valid qualifications and insurance cover
  • Make sure all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part and ensure all participants are suitably prepared physically and mentally when learning new skills
  • Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance, dressing suitably and not using inappropriate language at any time whilst involved with club activities
  • Will not display threatening or intimidating behaviour towards gymnasts, parents/ guardians, other staff or volunteers
  • Never consume alcohol immediately before or during training or events
  • Obtain prior agreement from the parent/guardian of performers before transporting them anywhere (training/competitions)
  • Never have performers stay overnight at your home
  • Never exert undue influence over performers to obtain personal benefit or reward
  • Always report any incidents, referrals or disclosures immediately, following the appropriate guidelines set out in the British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy.
  • Never condone rule violations or use of prohibited substances
  • Make sure that confidential information is not divulged unless with the express approval of the individual concerned
  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport (e.g. fair play)
  • Encourage performers to value their performances and achievement of personal excellence not competition results
  • Follow all guidelines laid down by BG and Gemini Gymnastics Club Gemini Gymnastics Club Standards of Conduct for Club Parents and Guardians
  • Encourage and help your child to adopt our CORE values
  • To be a guardian of our CORE values for your child until they are mature enough to fully understand and adopt those values for themselves
  • Encourage your child to learn the rules and participate within them
  • Discourage challenging / arguing with officials
  • Publicly accept officials’ judgements
  • Help your child to recognise good performance and the achievement of personal excellence, not external competition results
  • Set a good example by recognising good sportsmanship and applauding the good performances of all
  • Will not display threatening or intimidating behaviour towards Gemini Gymnastics Club gymnasts, staff, volunteers or other parent/guardians
  • Never force your child to take part in sport
  • Always ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the activity and has plenty to drink
  • Keep the club informed if your child is ill or unable to attend sessions
  • Endeavour to establish good communications with the club, coaches and officials for the benefit of all
  • Share any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the club through the approved channels
  • Use correct and proper language at all times
  • Never punish or belittle a child for poor performance or making mistakes
  • Always collect your child promptly at the end of a session
  • Support your child’s involvement and help them to enjoy their sport
  • Follow all guidelines laid down by BG and Gemini Gymnastics Club

Viewing will NOT always be available via the television screen – there is a viewing window available.

Pre-school will have viewing weeks where the parents can go in and watch part of a session parents will be notified of these sessions so they can make arrangements.

Gemini Gymnastics Club Standards of Conduct for Participants

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all our members. The club believes it is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. Therefore, members are encouraged to be open at all times and share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with our Welfare Officers. As a member of Gemini Gymnastics Club you are expected to abide by the following club rules:

  • Adopt and use on a daily basis our CORE values
  • All members must participate within the rules and respect coaches, judges and their decisions
  • All members must respect opponents and fellow club members
  • Members should keep to agreed timings for training and competitions or inform their coach, if they are going to be late
  • Members must wear suitable attire for training and events as agreed with the coach.
  • Keep all long hair tied back. Remove all body jewellery
  • Members must pay any fees for training or events promptly
  • Members must not smoke, consume alcohol or take drugs of any kind whilst representing the club at competitions or other events
  • Members should treat all equipment with respect
  • Members must inform the head coach of any injuries or illness they may have before the warm-up begins
  • Members should not eat or chew gum during a session
  • Members must not use bad language
  • Members will not display threatening or intimidating behaviour towards other members, Gemini Gymnastics Club staff, volunteers or parent/guardians
  • Members should remain with coaches at the end of a session until collected by their parent or guardian

Ratio of coaching to Gymnasts

British Gymnastics guidelines state the ratio of gymnasts to coaches must be:

1:8 for children without adults in the gym (except higher level squad groups)

1:20 for classes that involve parents ie preschool sessions other than dolphins.


Volunteer Roles
Volunteer Roles
As a club we rely heavily on the dedication and commitment of volunteers. Below are just a few of the roles that volunteers are currently involved with:

  • Gym maintenance
  • Running the cafe
  • Fundraising for the club
  • Reception administration

If you would be interested in volunteering please email the directors to discuss a role.

Roles we are requiring volunteers for are:

  • Welfare officers
  • Fundraising
  • Judging at competitions
  • Running our Café

Gemini Kit is available to all members following this link:

Please Provide Club Password ( and using the password #GGC-1211

On behalf of Gemini we hope you enjoy your time with us.